Award-winning architecture 

The design for this unique research institute in Hørsholm, Denmark, has been awarded the Hørsholm commune’s yearly architectural prize. The architecture was praised for achieving “a lovely work environment and an accommodating atmosphere for the visitors,” according to Søren Mølbak, jury member and CEO and Partner of PLH Arkitekter. “The combination of materials, the attention to detail and the international feel fits beautifully in with the idea of the Arboretum.”

Combining aesthetics with acoustics

Natural materials were very important to Claus Francke, CEO and architect of Claus Francke ApS, and architect Gert Mikkelsen, who designed the Arboretum houses. “We built the Arboretum houses with the clear goal of creating a natural building,” says Francke. “This creates a great workspace with inspiring surroundings for the visitors.” 

However, the design for the Arboretum is as much about looks as it is about feel. Francke had a strong focus on acoustics, to ensure the best-possible comfort for employees and visitors. “The interiors consist of beautiful natural materials, such as maple wood doors and sound panels, and planks made from oak,” says Francke. “We combined this with an acoustic ceiling from Rockfon. It was crucial to get an acoustic solution that didn’t compromise the interior design – so this is what we went with. The acoustic ceiling has a concealed grid system and a matt white surface. In this way, the ceiling becomes an integrated part of the architecture.”

An acoustic ceiling that looks great and feels great

Rockfon collaborated with Claus Francke to find the perfect design for the Arboretum ceilings. The final choice was Rockfon Blanka®. That’s because its unique surface finish provides high light reflection and diffusion — qualities that allowed Francke to extend the concept of a natural building to include natural sunlight. Rockfon Blanka naturally increases and amplifies the amount of sunlight in the building, while ensuring it is never too bright for the eyes, resulting in a bright, airy and comfortable space.

Rockfon Blanka® helped create a natural building that truly engages the surrounding nature outside. The sleek, matt white ceiling harmonises well with the natural materials and does not disrupt from the overall design. It also provides excellent sound and noise absorption, further increasing a sense of beautiful, natural comfort.

The Arboretum

Kirkegårdsvej 3A
2970 Hørsholm

We have built the Arboretum houses with the clear goal of creating a natural building, which creates a great workspace with inspiring surroundings for the visitors

Claus Francke


The Arboretum

Location:Hørsholm, Denmark
Architect:Claus Francke ApS
Photographer:Svend Christensen
Tiles:Rockfon Blanka®
Rockfon Systems:Rockfon® System T24 X™
Dimensions:1200 x 300

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