When stress hits the roof, try an acoustic ceiling

The modern workplace is fraught with stress, tension and irritations. As we are increasingly expected to do more at a faster pace, it’s hard to focus, create and collaborate — especially in a noisy, unappealing office environment.

That’s why Skanska knew they wanted a comfortable and “soft” atmosphere for the new offices at Solna United. “We wanted to create an inclusive feeling that promotes meetings and collaboration,” said Sofie Hjort, Project Manager at Skanska. “To achieve this, every design element must work perfectly together. For example, we knew we needed a suspended, acoustic ceiling to create a tranquil atmosphere, but we didn’t want that ‘checkered surface’ that would ruin the look and feel.”

A traditional patterned ceiling simply wasn’t going to cut it. Skanska knew that, in order to cultivate a beautiful and tranquil atmosphere, they needed an equally beautiful and noise-absorbing ceiling.

A ceiling with beautiful form and function

An acoustic ceiling should look as good as it sounds. It should be the perfect finishing touch, without attracting undue attention to itself. The new Rockfon Matt White 11 grid is designed to do exactly that. It has a unique surface finish that eliminates the contrasts and reflections traditionally associated with standardised grid ceilings, giving a sleek, high-end appearance.

That’s why the team at Skanska chose Rockfon Blanka for the ceiling at Solna United. “People are more and more aware of design and quality,” says Hjort. “They spend hours at work so we insisted on having beautiful, tactile, high-quality materials, so people feel at home when they work here.”

Durable, healthy and fire-safe

A lot goes into designing an acoustic ceiling that looks so streamlined you barely notice it. “We are constantly working to optimise our products at all levels,” says Peter Fritzon, Sales Manager at Rockfon. Underneath the sleek white surface, Rockfon Blanka ceilings have all kinds of incredible hidden benefits. “In addition to being fully recyclable and located in fire class A1, the Matt White 11 has a unique surface that minimises reflections and keeps it clear from all angles.”

Solna United

Solna United
Gårdsvägen 9-11,
169 70 Solna,

20200108 RW-RF PHO 007012

Sofie Hjort
Project Manager Skanska

We wanted to create an inclusive feeling that also promotes meetings and collaboration. To succeed, everything must play together convincingly. We knew we needed an acoustic suspended ceiling but we also aimed to get away from that 'checkered surface' which contrasted with the mood we wanted to create.

Sofie Hjort

Project Manager, Skanska

Solna United

Architect:Alexis von Dönhoff, Strategisk Arkitektur
Installer:Rönnmarks Undertak AB
Photographer:Ola Österling
Tiles:Rockfon Blanka®
Dimensions:600 x 600

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