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Interior design
10 Apr 2024

What Makes a Retail Space Experiential?

How does a retail space become experiential? Discover three essential interior design elements and explore case studies from around the world.

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10 Apr 2024

Inspiring BREEAM-Certified Buildings from Around the World

Explore a selection of BREEAM-certified projects from around the world, including workplaces, hospitals, and more.

Interior design
12 Mar 2024

Sustainable Design Practices for Retail Spaces

Discover the ways that global retailers are reducing their environmental footprint in the design of their brick-and-mortar spaces.

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21 Nov 2023

An Overview of Green Building Certifications

Here’s all you need to know about some of the most reputable building schemes: LEED, BREEAM, WELL, and DGNB.

Indoor climate and well-being
Health and safety
09 Oct 2023

Breaking the Cycle of the Lombard Effect

In 1911, the French otolaryngologist Étienne Lombard published an article outlining a mysterious vocal phenomenon.

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Indoor climate and well-being
Health and safety
03 Aug 2023

A Comprehensive Guide to Swimming Pool Acoustics

Why is it that some swimming facilities are calm havens, while others are centres of cacophony and chaos?

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