Code of Conduct for the ROCKWOOL Group

At the ROCKWOOL Group, we are committed to conducting ourselves ethically in everything that we do. It’s a commitment we make to each other, to our customers and society. With this in mind, the Integrity Committee has developed a Code of Conduct that serves as a compass in guiding us as individuals and as an organisation towards achieving our long term business goals.

Our Code of Conduct explains the meaning of “integrity” and our values at the ROCKWOOL Group. For us, integrity means being honest and having strong moral principles. Integrity is embedded in the history of the ROCKWOOL Group and forms a cornerstone of the ROCKWOOL Way of doing business. Ambitious, competent employees who conduct themselves with integrity are business enablers for the Group to achieve long term business success.

Tax Policy for the ROCKWOOL Group

In all tax matters we apply the same values and integrity by making sure that our primary focus is the ordinary operation of the Group, and in all the countries where we do business, we comply with all relevant tax laws as well as international regulations and practices including OECD guidelines.