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The design expressiveness and seamlessness did not come at the expense of good acoustics.

Karin Lindh

Visual Artist



Meeting the challenges of the modern office.

With over 90% of an organisation's operating costs linked to employee efficiency, it is important to recognise the impact the indoor office environment and room acoustics have on office workers.



Building now, for the future

Designing a school is a complicated and demanding architectural challenge. Whether a new build or refurbishment project, building materials need to provide acoustic comfort, be easy to maintain, flexible, adaptable and robust.



Great buildings can make you better

Healthcare providers are accountable for the indoor environment where patients are treated and not all building materials are equal. It is important to select materials and surfaces that foster a beautiful, comfortable and healing environment.



Great business means great acoustic design.

The brand experience of retail shops is an important factor and so is understanding how the environment influences customer behaviour.



Great emphasis should be placed on obtaining and maintaining comfortable acoustic conditions.

Leisure facilities are often high traffic spaces with many people coming through in a day. It places a high demand on acoustics, fire safety, durability and design aesthetic.



Stressing great acoustic solutions in your industry.

When designing production areas, many different criteria must be considered. The design and materials found in the industry sector are important components to creating a safe working environment.

To help offset environmentally impactful practice linked to the building industry, waste material projects and technologies, like upcycling, are being implemented to return used materials into products with commercial value.


Indoor climate
Humidity and sag resistance
Cleaning and hygiene
Impact resistance
Certifications and labels


Why is the acoustic properties of an environment important?
How does sound behave in a room?
How much sound travels from one room to another?
What is the sound pressure level an indication of?
What is the reverberation time an indication of?
What does speech intelligibility indicate?
What is sound insulation?
What are the main indicators for sound absorption?
What are the main indicators for sound insulation?
How does sound absorption influence on room-to-room sound insulation?