Recycled material

Our products can contain up to 64% recycled material

Recycled stone wool

163,000 tonnes of stone wool recycled from the market

Choose circular

At ROCKWOOL Group, we’re committed to supporting the transition towards a circular economy. After all, ROCKWOOL products are circular by nature, so perfectly complement an economy where products are made from natural and abundant materials, designed for better and more durable use and can be infinitely recycled.

By using our recycling service for your project you contribute to a better future by lowering primary material consumption and reducing the waste being sent to landfill.

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Waste no more

With our recycling service we offer professional support in the collection and processing of stone wool residues. We collaborate with our key supply chain and distribution partners to offer a collection, processing and recycling service for Rockfon offcuts and waste tiles from projects.

If you are a key supply chain partner, have a project exceeding 10,000m2 and are interested in a recycling service, reach out to us by filling in this form.

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