Contemporary architecture trends

What if a workplace has beautiful visual aesthetics and eco-friendly building materials? 3XN Architecture took up the challenge and delivered an impressive space for one of the largest professional service network in the world. The special 3 leaf clover shape, designed for the central atrium, suggests an invitation to collaborate and share knowledge to achieve a common aim. According to Gry Kjær, one of the 3XN architects, the main challenge was combining corporate values together with business goals. Being an attractive workplace it’s not enough, employees’ productivity should be enhanced through office well-being elements such as noise reduction.


The shared interest to reduce environmental impact and low energy consumption resulted in an incredibly efficient workspace which aligns to strict standards in terms of Co2 emissions. So, when we consider corporate values and goals, it is important to take into account the Corporate Social responsibility targets as positive elements for employees as well. Choosing to upcycle waste materials becomes, therefore, another essential factor to include during the design planning of a building.

Acoustics for better collaboration

“When designing open-plan offices for employees that are used to single-office spaces, the acoustic climate is the main concern and major focal point right from the start. When designing we focus on employees and their use of the building, so the acoustics are important throughout all design stages.” explains one of the architects Gry Kjær.

Collaborating means understanding each other in a comfortable space with a great acoustic performance. On the other hand, some spaces need to offer a quiet room where to concentrate. This is another face of sustainability. Ceilings made of eco-friendly building materials and high quality of sound absorption can create a better working space, protecting the environment, and promote employees’ cooperation and efficiency.


Osvald Helmuths Vej 4
2000 Frederiksberg

When designing we focus on employees and their use of the building, so acoustics are important throughout all design stages.

Gry Kjær



Tiles:Rockfon Mono® Acoustic, Rockfon Sonar®
Edges:A, X
Dimensions:1200 x 600, 1200 x 1200, 1800 x 600

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