Rockfon ceiling islands complete cutting-edge Dyson Institute

The Dyson Institute has been established with the ambition of being the best higher education engineering institution in the world.

The campus radiates around the two-storey Roundhouse where 220 panels of Rockfon Eclipse® ceiling islands are installed. Rockfon Eclipse is very versatile and can be hung from several kinds of structures where traditional suspended ceilings cannot usually be installed or don’t meet the aesthetic vision of the architects.

World leading architectural practice Wilkinson Eyre designed and oversaw the project. Architectural Assistant Hannah Richmond said, “We chose Rockfon because we were looking to construct a floating, acoustic ceiling and found the Eclipse system to be the best product to realise this intent”.
Available in a wide range of shapes and colours the islands are quick and easy to install and absorb sound on both sides, helping reduce reverberation and improve ambient sound.

Rockfon Active Installers D Interiors Company Director Dean Newman, “Each of the islands installed was bespoke. This has been an interesting project to work on. Templates for each panel were set out on the floor space to ensure accuracy then, using laser technology, the panels were installed with no room for error.”

Dyson Institute

Tetbury Hill,
Malmesbury SN16 0RP,
United Kingdom


Dyson Institute

Location:United Kingdom
Architect:Wilkinson Eyre
Installer: D Interiors
Photographer:Peter Landers
Tiles:Rockfon® Eclipse