An art experience all about YOU

Youseum is an interactive museum where the visitor is the object of art. Through twenty-five colourful themed spaces and interactive installations, individuals are motivated to take beautiful selfies for sharing on social media. In the museum's Money Room, you can feel rich by swimming in piles of money from “The International Bank of You” and in the beautifully decorated LGBTQ wedding chapel, you can dance to the altar with your loved one.

When Koen Derks and Joep Heusschen developed the idea for Youseum, they set out to create a social media inspired experience that was about more than just the likes. “We have created spaces in which people can take cool photos,” says Heusschen, “But Youseum is more than a pretty picture, it also tells a story. The Youseum is all about you. You play the leading role in your own work of art and you are stimulated to take a sharp look at it.” Heusschen further explains the rationale behind the idea: "We challenge you to think critically about the importance of yourself as the shining center of your own social media feed."

Colourful acoustic solutions provided by Rockfon

The atmosphere and identity of Youseum’s themed rooms and installations strongly depends on the colour of the walls and ceilings, and Rockfon was brought in to help make their vision a reality. Sven Van Ool, UX Designer at Rockfon, explains that Rockfon's acoustic ceiling and wall products in the latest Rockfon Color- all® range served as the perfect solution. In order to bring each room to life, The Rockfon® Universal ™ Baffles and the Rockfon® Eclipse™ islands were installed in various colours, such as Storm, Coral, Sage and Eucalyptus. For example, “Rockfon Color- all® in Azure was used for the blue ceilings in the Boat Room, along with a matching suspension system in the same colour to help achieve the most monolithic appearance possible,” says Van Ool.

Design combined with great acoustics

Although the colour experience in Youseum has an aesthetic purpose, the acoustic properties of the Rockfon products also ensure that the high sound values in the rooms are absorbed, for example in the eye-catching colourful TikTok room. “Rockfon helped to add a deeper layer to the experience for visitors within the different areas of the Youseum. The perception of colour in these rooms is enhanced by the acoustic perception,” says Heusschen, "But you only experience that when you have been there yourself!”


Weesperzijde 150
1097 DS Amsterdam


Location:Amsterdam, Netherlands
Installer:Van Dijk Afbouw BV
Tiles:Rockfon Color-all®, Rockfon® Eclipse, Rockfon® Eclipse wall panel, Rockfon® Universal Baffle
Edges:4F, E24
Dimensions:600 x 600, 800 x 800, 1160 x 1160, 1200 x 600

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