One with the mountain

Designed by world renowned architect Zaha Hadid and Peter Irmscher, MMM Corones remains true to its natural habitat, the rock, and seamlessly transitions into the mountain, respecting the landscape and creating a monolithic interior.

Inspired by the mountain, lead designer, Mr. Irmscher brought the exterior ruggedness to the interior of the museum, providing visual continuity.

 “Yes – the project was entirely coordinated to match the outside with the interior” say Irmscher.

A hot spot for avid skiers and hikers, acoustic control was high on the architect’s agenda - “We knew that guests will visit the museum with ski equipment, creating a lot of noise” say Irmscher. To counter concern, an acoustic engineer was part of the project, ensuring that MMM Corones would be a quiet place.

Softening surfaces

Not wanting to compromise on their vision for a monolithic design, the architects choose Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic because it matched perfectly with the character of the mountain and brought acoustics to hard surfaces. “Trend in today’s architecture is on raw material and uniform surfaces. ROCKFON Mono Acoustic fits with this trend and the ability to design with acoustics” says Irmscher.

Happy with the finished results, the designer was able to realize the artistic concept and beat the acoustic challenges of monolithic architecture.

Messner Mountain Museum

Via Castel Firmiano, 53
Provincia di Bolzano - Alto Adige

The project was entirely coordinated to match the outside with the interior

Peter Irmscher

Interior Design

Messner Mountain Museum

Architect:Zaha Hadid Architects
Installer:Manuel Moling
Photographer:Cristina Russo
Tiles:Rockfon Mono® Acoustic
Edges:TE Elegant Render
Dimensions:1200 x 1200

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