Light-reflecting ceiling lift the indoor environment

Rigshospitalet’s new extention Nordfløjen is designed with bright and open spaces that enable the patient to feel comfortable in. When designing comfortable spaces, the ceilings play an important role in making the room sound healthy. The right acoustic ceiling ensures a comfortable acoustics as well as it draw daylight in to provide a natural light setting. The new extension is equipped with Rockfon Blanka® acoustic ceilings to give the right conditions to make a bright, appealing and healthy indoor environment to benefit the patients, relatives and the staff.

Let the light in

“The light makes a positive difference for the mental work environment and the hospital environment. Therefore, the light-reflecting properties are one of the decisive factors for us choosing this acoustic ceiling. Not only do they create a bright environment and support the optional reflection of daylight, the product is easy to clean and easy to maintain.” Says, Jesper Ulriksen, Project Manager at 5e Byg

Thanks to the smooth, deep and super-white surface, Rockfon Blanka® has a strong light-reflecting property that create brighter and more comfortable environments.  

Consider the ceiling design and its maintenance

Despite the acoustic comfort and light-reflective properties of the ceiling it didn’t pave the way alone. The visual expression as well as the operation and maintenance counted as important issues for the client. The choice was made upon considerations on how well the ceiling would give a comfortable and nice setting in the interior.

Rockfon Project Consultant Lars Hermansen elaborates on: “The choice fell on a ceiling solution with a visible rail system for better operation and maintenance, however, the rails give a discreet and nice finish when the different parts meet and it match very well. The decision to choose a Rockfon Blanka ceiling with our Matt White rails made it possible to create a beautiful visual expression that fits perfectly into the nice interior of the North Wing. The benefits are easy maintenance and cleaning as well as it’s neat and functional.”

High complexity called for close cooperation

The whole hospital project is a high complexity project where a direct dialogue between all parties was necessary as it required special adapted solution. The close cooperation made is possible to find solutions that was best-fit for the customers needs.

Jesper Ulriksen continues: “In projects like this it’s important that there is a good chemistry between the parties, and it has certainly been the case in our collaboration with Rockfon. They have shown a great understanding of the customer’s needs and were available for on-going dialogue and sparring throughout the whole process. And that’s what I call a close cooperation.”


Frederik V's Vej 11
2100 Copenhagen


Location:Copenhagen, Denmark
Architect:Lars Hermansen
Contractor:Jesper Ulriksen, Project Manager at 5e Byg
Photographer:Svend Christensen
Tiles:Rockfon Blanka®
Dimensions:600 x 600, 1200 x 600

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