£430 million healthcare project. Rockfon ceiling solutions were specified because they fulfilled the design criteria and met their stringent environmental and performance requirements.

Bright and healthy spaces for wellbeing 

The building takes care of the aesthetic appearance along with following sustainable principles. The architects wanted to build a square-shaped ceiling and to do this vision, they needed a durable ceiling that could reflect the daylight and reduce the need for additional lighting. 

The building has many large windows, and the focus was to draw more natural light into the spaces. Therefore, a large glass atrium was built to bring a bright interior to the hospital. It puts some requirements on the buildings materials as it should give an even distribution of natural daylight and ensure even lighting in the medical areas and doctors’ offices. 

A sustainable process for the acoustic ceiling tiles 

Contractor Carillion looked for different solutions, but to meet the requirements, they opted for ceiling tiles from Rockfon® MediCare®. The acoustic tiles have a hidden edge making a uniform appearance and give up to 86 % light reflection. The MediCare® products are highly hygienic so they meet the cleaning and hygiene requirements, as well as they do not contribute to the spread of bacteria. 

The choice of acoustic ceiling tiles from Rockfon gave the hospital a reward with “excellent” in the BREEAM Certification thus reducing the amount of waste generated during the construction. The building materials are part of an innovative process for returning all waste generated on-site. The ROCKWOOL insulation boards, Rockfon pipe lagging and ceiling tiles are sent to the ROCKWOOL factory to process them into new products without losing quality. 

Southmead Hospital

Southmead Rd
Bristol BS10 5NB

Southmead Hospital

Location:United Kingdom
Installer:Carlton Ceilings & Partitions, Slough
Tiles:Rockfon MediCare® Standard
Dimensions:600 x 600, 1200 x 600

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