Inspiration from the Nordic landscapes 

The architects at Henning Larsen behind the new Nordea headquarters in Copenhagen sought inspiration for their design by looking at the Nordic landscapes. The modern Nordic expression was achieved by using slate, oak and white Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic ceilings.

The crystalline façade allows daylight to penetrate the building creating a sense of transparency between staff, clients and the surrounding urban environment. The two atriums are the central spaces of the building; one of them housing the largest trading floor in Scandinavia with room for more than 600 traders. 

Optimal acoustics and sustainable materials  

The tradition meets modern design ideas thanks to the innovative façade, a composition of fractured surfaces similar to the ones of an iceberg. Moreover, the surface offers colourful light effects, reacting to the different intensities of light and the variation in weather conditions. The highest quality of the glass and the sustainable building materials ensure indoor climate control, ventilation and energy savings.  

Additionally, the building includes a great usage of natural light and a spectacular view of the outside, the beautiful protected area of Amager Fælled

LEED Certification ensures a good indoor environment  

The building is designed and build according to sustainable principles to ensure transparency and less environmental impact. In Denmark, it’s one of the first buildings to achieve a LEED platinum certification, which is the highest certification in sustainable construction. The LEED certification ensures that at least 20% of the materials come from local resources with a priority on recycled materials.  

Nordic materials such as slate, oak and glass were chosen as building materials to harmonise the layout to express the Nordic feeling. A LEED certification lay strict requirements for the indoor environment where acoustics and daylight are a couple of parameters to improve.  

With the acoustic ceiling from Rockfon, the buildings atrium and trading floor have a comfortable and optimal workspace with reduced noise and reverberation.

Nordea Headquarters

Grønjordsvej 10,
2300 København S,

Nordea Headquarters

Location:Copenhagen, Denmark
Architect:Henning Larsen Architects
Photographer:Nibe fotograferne
Tiles:Rockfon Mono® Acoustic

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