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Workplace Biophilia: Designing for the Human-Nature Connection

Most workplace designers would agree that the benefits of biophilic office design emerge when all five senses are accounted for in a holistic approach.

Open Plan Office in Skoeyen Atrium in Oslo Norway with Rockfon Color-all X-Edge

The Skoeyen Atrium in Oslo, Norway.

Rockfon Lamella Meeting Room - Render

Wood not only helps foster a human-nature relationship, but also offers a myriad of aesthetic, structural, and environmental benefits.

Open Plan Office in Paytrail in Tampere Finland with Rockfon Canva Wall panel A-Edge and Rockfon Eclipse A-Edge

Plants complement the colour scheme of this working area at the Paytrail office in Tampere, Finland.

Auditory Features

When proceeding with a multisensory or holistic approach to biophilic office design, the auditory aspect of the office cannot be disregarded.

One study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology explored visual-only, auditory-only, and a multisensory combination of biophilic features in office design. Results showed that certain benefits of multisensory biophilic design were present only when visual features were combined with their auditory complements – such as speakers emitting soundscapes of blowing wind, trickling water, and sounds produced by regional fauna.[6] This suggests that an appropriate curation of auditory stimuli might contribute to biophilic office design.

In a similar vein, an office acoustics strategy helps to minimise noise pollution by reducing the sounds that leak in from the exterior, like traffic noise. Such improved acoustic performance helps to set the workplace as a calm haven amongst the hustle and bustle of urban environments and further supports efforts in biophilic office design.

Rockfon Canva Wall Panel - Office Environment #4

Natural light highly influences the circadian rhythm and well-being, and its use helps to lower energy use and costs.

Reception in SKY PARK Offices in Bartislava Slovakia with Rockfon Mono Acoustic

The Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic ceiling seamlessly completes the curvilinear entrance lobby at the SKY PARK Offices in Bratislava, Slovakia.