Located at Kantasatama Harbour in Kotka, Finland, the Events Centre Satama serves a wide range of events, from meetings to fairs and cultural performances. At its core is a large transformable space: the Port Arena. Unique in its architecture, the space is designed to be highly multi-functional and scalable. Connected to the smaller Hall S, the space features a 700-seat telescopic grandstand with in-house presentation technology, suitable for seminars, concerts, and club gigs. The walls and ceiling are covered with Rockfon Color-all acoustic tiles, creating a comfortable acoustic environment for various events and minimising the risks of the Lombard Effect.

Using Cranes for the Convention Centre’s Ceiling Installation 

The large hall of the Events Centre Satama stands out against its black background, furnished with a stained oak veneer that brings geometric patterns to life on the walls. The slight variation in the spacing of the strips creates rhythm and linearity in the hall, subtly dividing the space into areas of different sizes. To enhance acoustic comfort for event attendees, approximately 2 500 m2 of Rockfon Color-all acoustic tiles were required for the space.

In addition to its vast surface area, the largest single space in the Events Centre Satama is characterised by towering walls reaching up to 18 metres – and a crane was needed to install the ceiling tiles. “The site was unique – something you don't come across every day. The height of the walls and ceiling presented challenges for installing the acoustic panels on both the walls and ceiling headers”, said Kimmo Hiltunen, Vice President of the installer Sisärakennustekniikka SRT Oy. “Working with a crane slowed down the work, as it took several minutes just to go up and down”.

Acoustic Comfort in the Events Centre

The separate panels, along with the trim, combine to form a seamless and uniform acoustic surface. “When I saw the result, I thought, ‘Wow, what a great combination of black and oak’. The black wall is smooth, elegant, and cohesive, allowing nothing to distract from the lighting or decorations for different occasions, for example. It is suitably unobtrusive”, said Marjukka Relander, Sales and Marketing Manager at Event Centre Satama. She noted that the acoustics function effectively in the area, with customers noticing a lack of echoes or interference during conversations.

“I had the opportunity to experience the completed space myself during the builders’ evening. The space is remarkable, and the acoustics are excellent”, added Hiltunen. “As a contractor, it's always rewarding to be part of challenging projects and remarkable structures. There won't be another one like this”.

When I saw the result, I thought, ‘Wow, what a great combination of black and oak’. The black wall is smooth, elegant, and cohesive.

Marjukka Relander

Sales and Marketing Manager, Events Centre Satama
Location:Kotka, Finland
Architect:Arkkitehtitoimisto ALA Oy
Contractor:SRV Rakennus
Installer:Sisärakennustekniikka SRT Oy
Photographer:Tuomas Uusheimo
Tiles:Rockfon Color-all®
Dimensions:1200 x 600

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