American owned DocuSign is a leading global company specialising in technology which enables organisations to manage electronic agreements through a variety of platforms and devices. The firm’s new cutting edge 9,290sqm. tech hub and EMEA HQ, fitted out by mac group occupies a prime waterfront site at the heart of Dublin’s ‘Silicon Docks’ and can accommodate up to 800 employees. To help meet the client’s architectural ambitions and the acoustic challenges posed by the mix of interior spaces, Rockfon acoustic ceiling systems are fitted throughout.

Creating a sophisticated, calming and collaborative environment

In designing its new headquarters, DocuSign wanted to break down barriers and find new ways of working to empower employees. Open plenum ceilings, polished concrete floors and warm timber express the space’s raw, contemporary architecture where built rooms located around the core provide a buffer from the main circulation and workspaces. Breakout and active spaces are centralised providing a point for staff to meet and collaborate.

Crina Toderic – Henry J Lyons Architecture and Interiors commented on the project, “…a number of meeting rooms had one solid wall with the remaining three being glazed. It was agreed Rockfon Mono Acoustic be installed for its high sound absorption. Being completely seamless, the system allowed us to easily integrate with the rest of the interior aesthetic, maintaining a good balance between design and acoustic performance.”

Seamless high performance for glazed meeting rooms

Rockfon Mono Acoustic is a unique product which combines the elegance of a seamless ceiling with high performance characteristics, previously thought only possible with modular suspended ceilings. The ceiling tiles are installed and completed with acoustic render creating an elegant, smooth-white, monolithic surface which provides high light reflection and light diffusion, reducing the need for artificial light. Whether flat or curved, direct or suspended installation, the innovative system allows for easy integration of all services and offers Class A sound absorption to significantly decrease echo and reverberation.

Danny Reilly of certified Rockfon Mono Acoustic installer Reilly Ceilings, “Sound reverberation levels in the glazed meeting rooms had the potential to be very high. Therefore, DocuSign needed the best performing sound absorption product available. Rockfon Mono’s smooth appearance meant it didn’t interfere with the room aesthetics and the client is delighted with the end result.”

Solving acoustics in communal areas with exposed ceiling services

Elegant accents of colour complement the primarily monochromatic interior scheme, with bold numerals accenting the walls. Sophisticated, calming and collaborative environments are created using a neutral fabric palette, metal mesh screens, partially exposed services and feature lighting to define areas.

Supporting the sophisticated theme

Rockfon Specification Manager Deirdre Mulvaney, “It’s great to be part of such a bold, modern and ambitious project in the heart of Dublin. Attenuated 1200x300mm Rockfon Tropic acoustic ceiling tiles, installed by The Castle Group, are used to great effect throughout thoroughfares and communal spaces at DocuSign to support the sophisticated scheme. Both Tropic and Mono installations went to plan, using our versatile Chicago Metallic grid.”

Available in a wide range of dimensions in semi-concealed and visible grid options. In common with all Rockfon ceiling tiles, Rockfon Tropic is made using a core of naturally occurring, volcanic stone wool. The range features Class A sound absorption, high light reflectance, excellent fire performance (A1, EN 13501-1) and superior resistance to bacteria, with no visible deflection in high humidity. The lightweight easy clean panels are simple to transport and install, saving installation time and money.

DocuSign headquarters

5 Hanover Quay
Grand Canal Dock
Dublin, Ireland

DocuSign headquarters, Dublin, Ireland

Open plenum ceiling with Class A sound absorption

Rockfon Mono Acoustic | DocuSign office, Dublin

Suspended ceiling next to open plenum ceiling

Rockfon Mono Acoustic | DocuSign office, Dublin

Seamless acoustic ceiling in a meeting room to provide room-to-room sound insulation

Rockfon Mono Acoustic | DocuSign office, Dublin

Acoustic ceiling prevents noise transfer from a meeting room in an open plan office

Rockfon Mono Acoustic | DocuSign office, Dublin

Meeting room with a monolithic acoustic ceiling with integrated AV and lighting

Rockfon Mono Acoustic | DocuSign office, Dublin

Glazed meeting room has an acoustic ceiling to prevent sound reverberation

Rockfon Mono Acoustic | DocuSign office, Dublin

DocuSign headquarters

Architect:Henry J Lyons Architecture and Interiors
Photographer:Donal Murphy
Tiles:Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic, Rockfon® Tropic™

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