Located in the heart of a picturesque land of a thousand Masurian lakes, this modern international airport has a total area of 6,800m2 and handles high levels of passenger traffic on domestic, international and charter routes.

A design inspired by natural surroundings

Tomasz Lella, architect and owner of Pantel Studio, is responsible for the unique design of the terminal, which features inspiration from motifs of lakes, wooden Masurian houses and nearby wildlife. "We wanted the passengers who come here to see something else. Almost all airports in the world are similar in form. We hope that it will be different in Szymany, and will be associated with the local landscape”.

In order to provide an enjoyable experience for travellers, he incorporated Rockfon acoustic solutions into the space that would not only accommodate the ceiling’s wave-like design, but also provided optimal acoustics to reduce noise levels.

Creating a safe and natural environment with grey ceilings

Tomasz Lella chose Rockfon Color-all® Stone tiles for the ceiling’s design, as it is a neutral colour that acts as a balanced replacement for white. In addition, they perfectly reflect the character of Masurian nature and give the interior a sense of peace and friendliness. "Thanks to the appropriate size of the panels and the chosen light grey stone colour, we obtained a homogeneous, matte surface with the exposed construction of the roof”, Tomasz Lella states. As a result, the natural colours of wood, white and grey evokes a positive mood among passengers.

The airport’s unique design won the competition for Poland’s nationwide architectural development of the passenger terminal, and was recognized out of 65 total projects. The space was praised for its implementation of the natural environment and cultural landscape of the region, along with its readable, in-scale and space-specific spatial composition.

Olsztyn-Mazury Aiport

Olsztyn-Mazury Aiport
Szymany 150, 12-100 Szymany

Olsztyn-Mazury Aiport

Location:Syzmany, Poland
Architect:Tomasz Lella - Pantel Studio
Contractor:Polish State
Photographer:Bartosz Makowski
Tiles:Rockfon Color-all®
Dimensions:1200 x 600

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