The centre incorporates Cradle to Cradle Certified materials and onsite energy generation through roof-mounted photovoltaic panels.

Respecting the architecture of space

In Amsterdam, Park 20/20 is the world’s first full service “Cradle to Cradle” office complex, designed by William McDonough + Partners. 

The core building philosophy of 'Cradle to Cradle' is to eliminate waste, practice clean energy and value clean water. In part, to help realise the core philosophy, William McDonough + Partners used thermal mass principles to optimise energy efficiency. 

The slogan of this building project is: “The Work Benefits, The World Benefits”. It covers how the vision is to create a healthy building of the future, leading to less absenteeism, higher productivity and an excellent work climate for employees to work in the buildings.

A unique office environment

Inside Park 2020, FOX Vakanties is a colourful and thermal mass heated building that serves as a realisation to celebrate diversity. It stands out from the rest of the office buildings as the aim is to create office buildings that don’t resemble the others.

It houses a Dutch Travel Organisation that has an entirely open office concept. It means that employees can see and hear each other without any real difficulty. Surrounded by hard surfaces that reverberate sound, employees could feel like they were standing in a parking garage, placing extremely high importance on the acoustics.

The indoor climate was high on the agenda, where the focus was on good air quality, good natural lighting and great acoustics for fewer disturbances.

Intelligent solutions

In the ceilings, Concrete Core Activation (CCA) is used as a part of the conscientious energy police for Park 2020. CCA is a very energy-saving system that enables the building to have low-temperature levels. However, it limits the possibility for a ceiling as it can’t cover the system as the CCA needs to radiate towards the floor.

In the new open work settings, the few amounts of walls make an obstacle to limit sound travel. Respecting the building's architecture while creating a comfortable indoor climate means that whatever acoustic solutions were chosen, they could not interfere with the water usage, thermal comfort and energy management principles of the building.

The architects chose Rockfon Eclipse® islands to bring acoustic comfort without interfering with the CCA system in the first full service “Cradle to Cradle” office complex because it perfectly matched their needs.


“It’s a great thing having Rockfon as a partner. We can bring them into the development and ask them about inputs to optimise the acoustic comfort.”

Owen Zachariasse

Sustainability officer at Delta Development Group

Park 20|20 Experience Centre

Architect:William McDonough + Partners
Tiles:Rockfon VertiQ® wall panel, Rockfon® Eclipse
Dimensions:1160 x 1160, 1800 x 600

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