The façade of the new Holland Casino in Utrecht, situated on the A12 ring road, is a sight to behold. Like a diamond shining in the evening light, this magnificent building has become a hotspot in the city of Dom. Designed by Oever & Zaaier (OZ) Architects from Amsterdam, the casino's shape resembles a polished diamond, while its curtain wall façade, made of gold-coloured aluminium panels with an RGB LED strip, creates a captivating interplay of natural and artificial light. The striking design of the building captures attention during both day and night.

Setting New Standards in Sustainability with BREEAM certification

Holland Casino has set the bar high when it comes to sustainability. The Utrecht branch aimed to achieve the prestigious BREEAM Excellent label, one of the highest recognitions for sustainable construction. During the design phase, various forms of sustainable energy generation were implemented, enabling Holland Casino Utrecht to become the first casino in the Netherlands to achieve the BREEAM-NL Excellent label. It is arguably considered one of the most sustainable casinos in the world.

A Unique Interior Design Experience Inspired by Las Vegas

The interior design of Holland Casino Utrecht was brought to life by architect Derek Sola from Gensler Las Vegas, renowned for designing major casinos in the heart of Las Vegas. Gensler's collaboration with the Dutch architectural firm CE Design resulted in a concept that caters to different target audiences. The ground floor welcomes visitors with a stunning light artwork—a rotating DNA strand of decorative lighting. The first floor, accessed via glass elevators or escalators, offers an abundance of daylight, defying the conventional perception of dark casinos. With its vibrant atmosphere, well-lit spaces, and elegant design, this casino presents a captivating and luxurious environment for gambling enthusiasts.

Curved Corner Profiles: A Solution Beyond Standards

The attention to detail in Holland Casino Utrecht extends to its ceilings. Rockfon worked closely with AT Projects to overcome the challenge of curved walls. Corné van Meer, Area Sales Manager at Rockfon, explains that "AT Projects worked on the engineering of the profiles, and we pre-bent them in the correct radius at our factory and then painted them to match the colour." This unique solution ensured a seamless integration of the Rockon Color-all ceiling tiles with the architectural design.

Combining Functionality and Aesthetics

Holland Casino Utrecht also showcases the innovative use of Rockfon's specialised panels. In areas with higher moisture levels, such as the restaurant LX, Rockfon Cleanspace Pro panels were installed. These water-repellent and durable panels not only meet the stringent requirements for moist areas but also provide excellent acoustic properties. In addition, the staff dressing rooms and toilets feature Rockfon Cleanspace Essential tiles—aesthetic, acoustically open panels that are easy to clean.

A Floor of Excitement and Entertainment

The second floor of Holland Casino Utrecht is dedicated to slot machine enthusiasts. Over six hundred different machines create an energetic atmosphere filled with the captivating sounds of spinning reels and joyful celebrations. Amidst the excitement, the Sportsbar Beer & Burgers offers a place to relax and enjoy a snack while watching sports matches on multiple screens. The black Rockfon Color-all ceiling on this floor adds a touch of elegance to the vibrant gaming environment. The installation of this ceiling posed a technical challenge due to the high plenum, but AT Projects ingeniously devised a secondary grid solution, creating a unique structure that even allowed for the attachment of cameras and further enhanced the gaming experience.  

Holland Casino Utrecht

Winthontlaan 8,
3526 KV Utrecht
The Netherlands

Holland Casino Utrecht, the Netherlands

Architect:Oever & Zaaier Architecten, Amsterdam
Interior designer:Architect Derek Sola van Gensler Las Vegas, Las Vegas and architectenbureau CE Design, Amsterdam
Installer:T Projecten, Breda and MGB Montage, Waalwijk
Photographer:Lucas van der Wee
Tiles:Rockfon Color-all®
Dimensions:600 x 600

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