Rockfon® Canva: Statement Design with Flawless Acoustics

With bold, contemporary artwork, and powerful acoustics, Rockfon Canva creates picture perfect designs and peaceful workspaces that maximise privacy while boosting collaboration.

rockfon canva

Rockfon® Canva wall panels in color "Sage", "Eucalyptus", and "Azure"

A Holistic Approach to Encourage Employees Return to the Office

A workspace is a powerful environment to foster engagement, inspiration, innovative, and drive productivity. The workspace design should be a holistic experience where the employee feels inclusive, equitable, comfortable, and healthy. Due to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have witnessed an elevated awareness of health and well-being in the workplace. Employees are eager to return to the office for collaboration and innovation as long as health safety standards are met. In order to accommodate these needs to recruit and retain talents, it’s more important now than ever for companies to design offices that centres employees and their personal needs. This results in the rise of human-based office place.

Human-Centric Workspace for Privacy, Flexibility, and Well-Being

“Human-based office” is a flexible workspace strategy where employees are at the centre. It’s a new alternative to open office, where the setting design prioritises human beings, wellness, and flexibility. They can adjust their working environment based on their specific mood, need, and preference. It allows them to choose from a variety of settings to ease and support the nature of work they’re doing.

Consequently, it reinforced structural changes, turning the traditional office landscapes into hubs for connection, concentration, and spaces to support a wide range of work styles. It is envisioned to be functional, strategic, and aesthetically pleasing: a shift from individual to flexible-shared spaces allocating productivity-boosting collaboration spaces. The employee can move freely around the office to find the perfect working spot.

As a result, the interior needs to serve multiple purposes with adaptable furniture and design elements, for a variety of functions. Preferably, the furniture should be non-porous with antimicrobial surfaces that’s easy to clean to assure health and hygiene. It should also bring different accents to feature different moods, with colours are a powerful tool to get creative.

With an increasing number of people having bad experience with open-plan office, due to high density and noise distractions, it is important to take acoustics as the centre of your design. This means that, even though the office needs to ease collaboration, we need to first and foremost emphasise privacy.

Introducing Rockfon® Canva: Piece of Artwork with Flawless Acoustics

With today’s surge for human-centric, flexible, and adaptable workspaces, we believe that office design should be suitable for different mood, function and brand. That’s why we partnered with the Danish design company Akuart to develop Rockfon Canva, a product that combines aesthetics and best-in-class sound absorption to give you contemporary statement design with flawless acoustics.

Rockfon Canva is designed as a piece of artwork giving you a smart way to create flexible spaces that feel good. With unlimited design options, you can choose any shade from our “Colours of Wellbeing” palette or customise your own to alter a certain mood or visual identity. You also have flexibility to play around with the product as the panels can be hung from the ceiling, mounted to the wall or placed on the floor.

The modular form and detachable canvases give you the freedom to simply order a new canvas to refresh the look when tenants or room functions change.

The Canva product family have best-in-class sound absorption, creating flawless acoustic environment helping people perform better, to be calm, happy and focused on the workspace. The perfect artwork with fire-resistance giving you a smart way to create flexible, feel-good spaces. It has been a pleasure to cooperate with Danish design company Akuart to develop the Canva product line.

Marie Oskarsson

Rockfon’s Product Manager

A design element with bold, contemporary artwork and powerful acoustics creating picture perfect designs and peaceful workspaces. You can play around with the Canva portfolio by using our 3D configurator and explore the endless design possibilities. 

Furthermore, with the possibility of moving them around with ease, Rockfon Canva allows you to turn your workplace into a collaboration hub or a private working zone within moments.

Visit the Rockfon® Canva™ product page to learn more