What to look for when designing a cinema interior?

Designing a cinema is challenging as you need to create comfortable surroundings and soundscapes to give the best movie experience. We highlight the latest trends that are shaping cinema design and share some insightful tips for how to optimise the spaces to give your customers a memorable experience.

Cinema Interior Design

Different people, the same feeling  

Cinemas serve different people but creating the same feeling of an outstanding experience that makes people feel great. Setting the stage for success meaning thinking about the vibe, the design, easy navigation, comfort and acoustics. The right mixture of these elements is the way to become a blockbuster success. 

The interior design adds value to the cinema experience, and it supports your business as it creates a better customer experience. We share some interesting insights and upcoming trends that will influence the design of cinemas.  

Staying flexible  

It’s important for cinemas to be flexible and modular as there might be a need to change spaces for different events that need special performing or visual art.  The cinema doesn’t only serve as a silver screen for a movie experience but can also host different events where it’s necessary to stay vital and fresh.  

Where do we fit in? 

Our acoustic ceilings are designed with a holistic approach and with a high emphasis on modularity that allows you to create multifunctional spaces. The flexibility in formats edged and colours give you the freedom to quickly change the scenery to suit any activity.  

Getting in the mood  

People go to cinemas for more than just watching a movie. They go for the experience and the exclusivity of seeing it on a big silver screen. In the digital age, where media and mobile devices stream endless content, cinemas must embrace their opportunity to welcome guests in an outstanding setting to make their evening magical. The design of movie theatres should wow people and really plunge them into the experience of going to a cinema.  

Playing with colours and patterns are a great way to impress customers and create a setting that matches their expectations for the movie they can’t wait to see.  

Where do we fit in?  

We offer acoustic solutions in a colourful palette and in a variety of shapes, dimensions and applications to inspire and enhance your interior design schemes. It can be a helping hand to set the mood in the cinema design while controlling the noise levels.  

You need to set the scene and a colour is a powerful tool that can create an atmosphere stimulating feelings and behaviours. Rockfon Color-all® is the go-to choice as it offers a palette of 34 exclusive colours, everything from subtle to bold long-lasting colours. You have the design freedom to choose between concealed, semi-concealed and visible grid solutions for your interior. And our Rockfon Blanka® has a bright, matt white surface offering the best acoustic level to ensure indoor comfort. The super white and smooth surface comes in edges and dimensions to complement every space.  

Cinemes Centre Splau

llobregat, Spain 


The two biggest challenges in achieving a memorable experience were space and sound. The closeness of the theatres creates a passage of sound between the cinemas and the common zone and foyers. 

Solutions and results: 

The architect made the design with a dual ticket and lounge area. A visible suspended ceiling with a beautiful contrast of white baffles hanging down from the ceiling controls the sound. They appear like a moonlit forest with the striking tall free-floating installation hanging in the middle. 

Cinemes Centre Splau, Coloral Th 40 Black A-edge, Baffles Deco 40, leisure movie theatre


The sound is an important part to enhance the visual elements from the movie. And great sound adds to the experience, but it can’t be achieved by a great sound system alone. Sound in cinemas needs to be absorbed and controlled, otherwise, sound waves would be ricocheting off the floors, ceilings and walls, destroying the whole movie-going experience.  

How can we help?  

We offer the best-in-class acoustic solutions. All Rockfon products have the core material of stone wool, and it’s an extremely sound absorbent material. They are independently tested in certified laboratories using an Alpha (w) measurement following ISO11654.  

Many people pass by in the areas of a cinema either waiting for the movie to start, ordering their favourite snacks in the concession stands or navigating to the right screen room. It’s important to control the sound with good noise control solutions and zoning techniques. The right combination can help to reduce the irritation caused by having too many people gathered.  

The go-to choice can be Rockfon® Universal® Baffles as they’re suitable for open plenary. They create perfect harmony between acoustics and aesthetics as they have a creative layout while improving speech intelligibility. They’re available in 33 inspiring colours to create a unique design. Otherwise, Rockfon Eclipse® build the bridge between innovation and aesthetics with their geometric shape offer outstanding sound absorption. These can be suspended alone or under a traditional acoustic ceiling for better speech intelligibility.  

Rockfon® VertiQ® Wall Panel is attractive and durable wall panels that are highly sound absorbent and impact resistant. You have the freedom to choose between different available colour and it can be installed both vertically and horizontally.  


London, United Kingdom 


As one of the UK’s leading cinema chains, Cineworld wanted to give memorable experiences to its visitors. To fulfil the design and acoustic demands, Cineworld had to enhance the atmospheric sound and light conditions throughout the movie theatre.  

Solution and results: 

For superior acoustic control, Cineworld installed Rockfon Color-all® tiles in the screening room. Rockfon Color-all® was able to create the perfect dark environment required for the reflected light to show on the screen. The tiles were installed at an angle to the walls to create a dramatic diamond effect. 

Cineworld, UK, Gloucester, Main Contractor - Brittania Construction, Ceiling Contractor - D & G Ceilings, Wayne Hutchinson, Rockfon Color-all, Charcoal

Strengths of Rockfon  

We aim to create spaces that sound stunning – and in a busy area like a movie theatre, excellent acoustic is an absolute must. Our broad range of acoustic solutions gives you the freedom and opportunity to create comfortable and unique spaces for visitors to enjoy themselves in. We would love to help you, so please reach out today.