Why and how to install acoustic ceiling baffles in your next project

February 25, 2020

With acoustic baffles from Rockfon, you can exploit several benefits from improved acoustics, design freedom and enhanced daylight, to easy installation and maintenance. In this article, we highlight some of the benefits and illustrate the easy installation process.

Acoustic free-hanging baffles installed in office

Lysgården, Norway

The benefits of free-hanging acoustic baffles

When designing a new build or renovating many factors have to be considered such as aesthetics of the design, functionality of the solutions, ease of installation and much more. Uniting all this can be a challenging and time-consuming task.

For the acoustic ceiling, there are many options and solution types to consider, from suspended ceilings to islands and baffles, each of them with its own advantages in relation to the needs of the specific build.

One of the increasingly popular acoustic solutions are baffles. Baffles are great for certain type of installations and can come with several benefits such as:

  • Baffles represent the perfect solution when wanting daylight to enter unhindered, for example via windows located in the roof space.
  • The alignment and spacing of individual baffles can be determined by the designer, and thus allows for a wide range of design expressions and aesthetics within each ceiling.
  • Baffles are suspended vertically and so do not block the ceiling soffit, thereby allowing the soffit to be sufficiently exposed if required to act as a thermal mass for heating/cooling the building
  • Baffles are an ideal solution when needing to design or renovate a noisy interior space, where frequent or unhindered access to services located in the ceiling soffit needs to be maintained.

Baffles can be installed with minimal disruption and therefore represent a very fast and efficient means to correctly accommodate a room’s acoustic properties. With our installation videos and step-wise guidance, you can install baffles perfectly in your next installation and exploit the benefits above. Watch the video below to see how.

NO, Lysgården, Trondheim, HUS Arkitekter, Office, Rockfon Multiflex Baffle, 300x2400, White

Installation video

How to install Rockfon® System Universal Baffle™ using Design Suspension kits

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Our portfolio of acoustic baffles

At Rockfon our baffles portfolio covers the following solutions for different applications:

  • Rockfon Contour® - Cost-efficient and beautiful, frameless acoustic baffles
  • Rockfon® Universal™ - Creative and innovative acoustic solutions, available in Universal White and the 31 inspiring colours from the Rockfon Color-all range
  • Rockfon Humitec® - Easy to install free-hanging acoustic solutions, perfect for humid environments such as swimming pool areas and places that require regular cleaning
  • Rockfon® Industrial™ - Functional free-hanging acoustic baffles to soften noise from loud machinery in industrial environments

Visit our product pages below and read more about the specific products and the benefits of each.

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