The Office of the Future: A Vision from Architect Stuart Finnie

Pascal van Dort
February 21, 2023

Stuart Finnie is a renowned architect specializing in innovative and human-centric workplace design. In this interview, he shares his insights on the key trends for 2023, the challenges facing designers in creating people-based environments, and his vision for the office of the future.

Stuart Finnie, Head of Design at Unispace

Stuart Finnie, Head of Design at Unispace

As a renowned architect with a wealth of experience in designing a variety of different spaces, Stuart Finnie has made it his mission to revolutionise the way we work. Over the past decade, he has focussed on creating innovative and human-centric workplace designs that prioritise the well-being and experience of the end-user. Finnie predicts that the key trend for 2023 will be a deeper level of care and consideration for these factors, incorporating elements such as sustainability, diversity, and psychological safety practices.

At Unispace, Stuart works to create high-functioning environments that reflect the values and identity of each organisation, while also enhancing the individual user experience. He recognises that no two workplaces are the same and believes that individuality is key to finding the most creative and innovative designs for each client.

But Stuart's ambitions don't end with the present – he also has a vision for the office of the future. He envisions a space that effortlessly caters to collaboration, focused work, and celebration, all within the same environment. This future office would be characterised by a warm, welcoming, and vibrant atmosphere, but also intelligent enough to anticipate and harmonise the acoustic needs of its occupants. With his passion for designing environments that "spark brilliance," Finnie is helping to shape the future of the modern workplace.


Acoustics & Design 1on 1 interview with panelists

What does the future of acoustics and design look like to you?

What future challenges do you see for people-based/human-centric interior design?

The greatest challenge for designers will be to ensure that there is consideration for the human in every design move, at a time where development of technology is moving at an extraordinary rate - Harmonisation of new technology will be key to create smart buildings which promote and potentially improve human-centricity in the workplace.

Acoustics & Design 1on 1 interview with panelists

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