Well wait…isn’t it an EPD?

No, Rockfon Product Sustainability Declarations (PSD) are our own unique way of telling the sustainability story of our products. They are self-declared documents that consolidate sustainability information for each of our product types.

Our Product Sustainability Declarations are updated annually and include everything you need to know about the products' contribution to the major building rating schemes, the available environmental labels, certificates and so much more.

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Why is it different than any other sustainability document you have seen?

Rockfon’s Product Sustainability Declarations are a “one-stop-shop” for everything related to sustainability and circularity. You don’t need to visit several websites, download multiple documents or get help from customer support in order to get all the relevant information.

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Building Rating Schemes Contribution

You will be able to see in which criteria from BREEAM®, LEED, DGNB and WELL can the specific Rockfon product have a contribution and also how many points it can help you earn.

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Sustainability Certifications & Carbon footprint

Information about our Cradle to Cradle certification, our third party verified EPD and the carbon footprint of the specific product, based on the EPD.

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Health and Safety of stone wool

Information about the safety of stone wool fibres, their Note Q classification and compliance with REACH regulation.

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Indoor Emission Labels and ISO certificates

The availability of indoor emission labels, such as M1, Danish Indoor Climate Label, French VOC A+/A classification, Blue Angel etc. and the availability of ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certificates for our manufacturing facilities.

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Circularity and material indicators

Information about the recycled content of the specific product, recycling options during its end of life and information on the composition of the product.

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Corporate Reporting and Responsible Sourcing

Our approach to responsible sourcing of raw materials, including information about our Code of Conduct, our Suppliers’ commitment and also our corporate sustainability reporting from ROCKWOOL Group, including our alignment with UN Global Compact and CDP.

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